In Tandem

by Lavis Blake

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    Here is a little diddy of an EP that we self-released. Please feel free to download this for free. See you soon!




Recorded by us with tofu hoagies and marlon wayans


released June 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Lavis Blake Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Era of Hopeful Monsters
Let's find a tortoise in the city we can hop on his back we'll take it back two hundred years back when they were babies staring up at the eyes of Charles Darwin. We'll show him how far we evolved I think we've gone backwards. Let's crash a protest in the country and underneath their flags we'll show them that a god could never do this two kids with so much potential waste it all away to keep each other stable. We'll show them how far we evolved I think we've gone backwards because we both know forwards is a four letter word. The birds of paradise are stealing our spotlight but their existence is fleeting and we'll be here long after they're gone even though we don't want to be.
Track Name: Jazz Cigarette
The matches on the roof are starting to burn through trying to burn down the glass forest in my refrigerator these shoes are still addicted to the street they've always fit so well but again I'm late for dinner and you haven't called my name. Don't let that tear fall for me remember when I tried to burn the house down you saw me in the window I thought if these walls burned away that I could walk forever without making you nervous. The forest made of glass seems to be destroyed but the pieces are like jigsaw puzzles and always find their way back again my eyes are still directed at the wall because they've seen everything but this paint covers too much and the conversation's dry. Don't let me look at the floor I'm sorry that I never asked your advise it doesn't mean I hate you I thought if i just shut my mouth that I would know everyone I'm forgetting about myself. I watch as you drive away slowly a stream of tears running down your face leaving me out in the snow standing in your parking space. As I walk these streets what I learn the only way of draining out this ocean is setting it on fire.
Track Name: On the Road
We live in library stacks but we never read the books a child's view of what they have to offer while speaking in tongues we live in library stacks so intrigued by the death mask his face at death painted with indifference and set in stone. What we find in these books is that pictures are worth a thousand words. We live in isolation diseases and the death of friends we climb these steps for ignorance but it's all we know we live in isolation Ian Curtis controls our thoughts we're living in the ice age and it's always so fucking cold. What we find up here is that the wind never stops.