by Lavis Blake

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Second and last EP before our demise on September 17th 2011


released August 31, 2011

thanks to: Jon Low, Ryan Schwabe, Dennis Casey, Mista Syner



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Lavis Blake Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ginsberg
America I've given you all and now I'm nothing, two dollars and twenty-seven cents, you've burned a hole inside my pocket now the change is gone, America I drink every chance I get, I don't feel good don't bother me, thanks to you I'll never be in my right mind, no thanks to me I'll never be in my right mind, America why are your libraries full of tears, Philadelphia why won't you let those tears be shed, suppression of emotions only makes things worse, but I'm probably just talking to myself again. I've had enough of your insane demands. Ginsberg was right, we're all fucked this is quite serious.
Track Name: Fern Gully
Acid reflux flashbax of pouring spoons into empty cash registers, knock once for a good time, twice to watch the tide rush away from the door, welcome mats never clean enough dirt from the sole so knock three times for the tidal wave we all hope is waiting, catch the tiger's toe cold and prey on the humans who trip like robots becuase their clocks decided they weren't made for these times and assassinated the microwaves before turning themselves in. Staring at the shaky blue cup stuck inside the sun offers only a lesson in blindness, a lesson in absolutes, absolutely, why sing when no one will dance, why dance when the earth already moves for us, folding clean asphalt and dirty laundry over rival neighborhoods and earthworms who forgot to take their helmets off, why celebrate the death of kings when we yearn for the loves of queens, so knock three times or go through the garage, either way those clouds look like rain.